Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here's hoping that 2009 will be a positive, prosperous and happy year for everybody.

This is my first blog and a New Years Resolution so I am very green at it, so if anybody is interested in reading what I have to write I am deeply honoured. I got much of the inspiration for this from the many garden blogs in the USA and Aust and UK. Some of which I will add the links for when I work out how! Now there is one more here in Aus. One thing I need to work out is how to change the date and time because here in Melbourne its already 2009 whereas in some parts of the world in will only just be coming up to midnight on NYE.

I should warn you in case you haven't already worked it out this will be somewhat of a Gardening blog with I hope, lots of pics as when speaking of gardens and flowers etc well.... a pictures worth a thousand words.

I am new to the horticulture industry having just finished a Diploma but I will try and show case same of my favourite plants and trees on a regular basis and give details of their growing habits and provide pictures too.

I also have an interest in Permaculture and produce gardens so will include some info and write ups about those and hopfully provide some useful links also.

Please let me know if there is anything interesting going on in your area regarding local open gardens, information nights, new groups starting up or anything like that and I will happily try and give you a plug!

Anyway thats enough for now, hope you have a lovely New Year wherever you are!



  1. Hi Serena, Happy New Year and congrats on your blog! Great idea... I hope you are able to keep it up without 'blogfading' like I tend to do.

    I'd happy to help you set up some links in the sidebar next time we get together, if you haven't done it by then.


  2. Serena I love your new blog. It is so colorful. Good advice about chooks. We only just got a new fence and our neighbors had chooks that roamed freely and thoroughly enjoyed our new baby lettuce! I laid down a lot of grass seed today and planted three trees. My camera is on the blink...but pictures soon. Belinda


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