Saturday, January 17, 2009

Acacia leprosa

In our garden we have a beautiful Acacia leprosa or Cinnamon Wattle. It is the only red wattle known to exist and I can vouch for its colour as its already flowered once. Its very pretty.

However my Acacia leprosa is in strife. A couple of weeks ago we had some very windy days and it began to fall over. I have already lost one tree when it fell over so I am not keen to lose another one. We started our garden the same year the water restrictions were enforced and unfortunately some of our plants don't have the root systems one would hope.

So I dug up my Acacia and straightened it up restaked it, watered very deeply and have kept a very watchful eye on it. But its not looking very happy. I'm just wondering if anyone out there has an idea what can be done to save it. I have fed it with liquid seaweed fertiliser and made sure it gets wateredregularly to give it a kick start & there is mulch on the soil around it not weeds soo any input is much appreciated. Thankfully it isn't totally dead however I am getting rather nervous.

Now to one of the more healthy plants which I love to boast about and do look gorgeous at the moment....not bad for Melbourne too, our Banana trees. I do love these I can pretend I'm in the tropics and listen to them rustle in the wind when I'm hanging out the clothes!! They look beautiful most of the time and seem to be happy where they are, no banana's yet but that doesn't really worry me as I really just planted them for their good looks!

They do need a bit of water but are planted
in a protected spot and we water them mainly with recycled grey water from the washing machine.
You gotta love the grey water!!

All comments are more than welcome and if you can give me any help with my acacia (no abuse please!!) please don't hesitate.

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