Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gardens in Mansfield

Recently we went for a trip to Mansfield and had a look at some of the beautiful forests in the area and also at some open gardens. I have to take my hat off to the gardeners of Mansfield . The ones I looked at were quite something. Some if not all have been adapted to suit our changing climate. Others are just plain built to last, the garden at Delatite Station is amongst those, being of an age where it has creates its own micro climates and having owners who do care greatly for their garden. Some of the trees here are about 140 years old and are underplanted with an abundance of beautiful shrubs. The arbor pictured below covered in Wisteria and when we were there was in flower. As you walk down to the back of the property to the river you will find a wild part of the garden with a delightful suspension bridge leading to the other side of the Delatite River. It reminds one strangley of something out of an English picture book. Anyway its well worth a visit.

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