Friday, January 30, 2009


Ok so now its so hot we don't want to even leave the house! This week,like the lady says... its too darn hot. Today the barometer reached 47c yesterday I think it was 43c, day before 37c, and tomorrow is going to be 37c!!! My chooks are sitting under the Peppercorn Tree panting, they arent even having dustbaths. The cats aren't afraid of the dogs they just sleep on the ceramic tiles, and the dogs dont give a toss about the cats!!!

The public transport system has gone down the gurggler and tempers are runnnig a little short. A lot of folk have chosen to take their cars to work which is fair enough but not necessarilly a good thing because people tend to drive badly when its very hot. To be honest we are getting a good look at global warming. My initial reaction is hide,.... but really when it gets a little cooler i think I'm going to start planing trees.

My ankles have swollen up like I'm about to give birth, and believe me that is not an option, and all anyone in the house can do is lie around and moan!!!

The power has gone out once today and I think my car is about to die from heat exhaustion..... so if your in a place where its cold and rainy take heart. Your garden will always bounce back from a bunch of rain but here in the South of Australia we have things dying because they just cant get any water.

Yesterday at a friends place while about 5 of us where standing in the back yard a Busy tail possum came down out of a tree about 3metres from us and started to walk around like it had drunk a bottle of scotch because it was soo dehydrated. Poor little thing we gave it water but it was very sick!

Praying for rain is what I'm doing we are only allowed to use 150litres of water each, a day, so everybody pray!!! this is what i'd like to be doing......

Ice fishing in Scandinavia!!!!MMMMMMM. If your interested in posted a comment about how you're coping with the heat pllllease feel free. As far as my garden is ..... well we shall see at the end of the heat wave what is left.


  1. Nice pictures, great places:)

  2. I can't say i took any of them but the last one is of my partner in Sweden, and he really is fishing through the ice!!! I really could handle that right now.

  3. I live in Sweden, but here is now snow at all (where I live). It's grey and dull, just muddy and wet everywhere. I would really like some snow!

    I would prefer heat even more, but 47C? =O) That's even too much for me....

    Have a nice weekend - and don't melt away... =)

  4. Our resident possum was also dehydrated and staggering around in a daze. Hopefully s/he pulled through!

    I even managed to grab a couple of quick shots of him:

  5. That's hot. No doubt the sun index is off the scale!!!

    Slightly off topic, Do you know much about Eucalyptus? It's just that Cameron at Defining your home was trying to identify one. Her post is at

    Anyway, stay in the shade!


  6. Oops, I'm an idiot. You *were* talking about our possum :-)


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