Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kangaroo paws, Anigozanthos spp.

If your a real Aussie plant enthusiast you can't go past the wonderful Anigozanthos, a genus of plants indigenous to Western Australia. They range in size from 1m up to 2m and the colour range is growing all the time. Pictured is Anigozanthos manglesii which is the floral emblem for WA.
All cultivars of variety with tall flower spikes and long strappy leaves up to 40cm long:
They come in many colours and sizes with the furry paw shaped flowers over looking the strappy leaves. Flowering in spring and varying in colour from a stunning black and green variety to the newer dwarf forms, which are especially hardy in cooler regions and are now available in pastels and even white.
Although relatively tough they do like their drainage and if allowed to remain wet are prone to fungal disease. Anigozanthos of all forms don't like frost or humidity, they tolerate drought quite well and are better

grown in sandy loam rather than clay loams. They are a wonderful plant for dry regions, and will present a very striking display when planted en-mass. For more information check http://asgap.org.au/ or your local Aussie native supplier.
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