Monday, January 19, 2009

Leptospermum spp.

Leptospermum scoparium 'Ruby Glow'

Isn't this plant just glorious! Leptospermum a very varied member of the Myrtaceae family. At the moment I have two in my garden which have bloomed in Spring time but still remain very pretty due to their purple foliage. This plant is a great alternative especially if you live in a hotter dryer region.

They love full sun and once established will cope well with moderate water during dry spells and little water at other time. They are a great place for small birds and beasties to hide and will bring the bees, butterflies and honey eaters to your garden in droves.
The Tea tree needs careful pruning, since mature wood does not have live buds. If you trim back to older wood, it will not grow back. In general, a light pruning after the flowering period is what is suggested.
It will grow better in a slightly acid soil, and because its roots are close to the surface, soil disturbance should be avoided.
Leptospermum will grow as high as 3m in the right circumstances and there are many species.
Foliage colours can vary with different varieties from blueish grey to this purple.
Its a lovely addition to any garden and makes an ideal screen tree or hedge. Leptospermum is lovely planted with callistemons, large strappy flax or in a formal setting. Flowers come in crimson, scarlet, pink, white and cream.
A great little plant!

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  1. they are lovely! i also have a pink one wich is my favourite flower: so generous in blooming, it reaches our heart when in full bloom!
    and they are perfect as bee attraction, all other flowers beneficts from this. and wild life as something magical, doesn't it?!


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