Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lime and Purple a Wonderful Mix.

Acacia cognata is one of my favourite plants. It makes a great border in its dwarf form, Green mist makes a lovely medium sized shrub and "Lime Magik" is just a beautiful small tree ideal for a not too windy but sunny spot and a row of them would make a lovely screen.
The colours and fine texture of this beautiful native make it an ideal plant in many gardens, from the smallest courtyard to the largest property. Birds will like it and it doesnt need too much water once established and will tolerate some frost and drought. A very user friendly plant and striking at the same time. The gorgeous lime of this plant will look stunning on its own or when planting with something striking and contrasting like Agonis flexuosa "After Dark". Or even some of the tougher deciduous purple foliaged trees.

Over recent years we have been bombarded with "drought tolerant" easy care plants, like succulents and flax.... but have a look at what we have here on our doorstep, although succulents and flax can have there place there really is no end to the choice of plants we can have and grow successfully in our gardens, water restrictions or not!
When considering plants for your garden have a look at the range of striking colours and textures of foliage and remember that less is more especially when planted en masse, and always plant in odd numbers.


  1. This is a wonderful entry to your blog. I have enjoyed viewing the wonderful warmth as I step into your garden via your blog. I am in the Midwest of the USA and we are in a horrible freeze of winter right now so my garden is all covered with a blanket of white. I have never used the Acacia cognata in my garden. I am going to look into getting some of that wonderful color in my garden. Thank you for adding this blog. I joined your group of followers!

    Warm Wishes - Bren

  2. Nice to hear from you Bren comments and followers are always welcome!! I hope that our Melbourne summer will bring some warmth into your chilly winter!! Let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about, also I have culture sheets on the plants I feature so if you interested in getting one just send me an email.


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