Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plant profile - Casuarina cunninghamiana - River Sheoak

The plant I've chosen to show case today is the River Sheoak and beautiful and hard working tree which is native to northern New South Wales. it is drought and mildly frost tolerant and the reason I say it is a hard working tree is mainly due to its ability to stabilize river and creek beds and stop soil erosion, and the fact that its is also a mild fire retardant. A good tree for those in country regions and anyone who has that extra space in their garden.

Add to this the sheer beauty of this elegant tree and to my mind you have something of a perfect tree for larger gardens, parks and street plantations. The River Sheoak makes a lovely screening tree and has a soft wheeping growth habit too. The other magical thing about this tree is the sound it makes when the wind blows through it. A rounded fastigate tree which will establish in about 3 years and can grow up to 15 metres, this tree will make an excellent windbreak great border tree local wildlife will love it and it does well in coastal regions as well as inland. This tree is magestic and fast growing but beware of planting it near drains as it has very aggressive roots.

For those who have no room for trees or any more trees do not despair tomorrow I'll showcase something a little more managable. Also for those who are interested i have culture sheets on all the plants i showcase so if you are interested in receiving one please send me an email and I'll endeavour to send you a pdf copy.

Having said that....all feedback is good feedback.


  1. Nice piece Serena, I'll bear in mind the culture sheets.

    I looked at you Melbourne post. You really have good light quality in Oz. Incidently, my sister in law lives down under in Brisbane.

  2. Very interesting reading! I am studying to become a gardener myself, so I just search information wherever I can get it. And I like your blog very much! /Helen


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