Saturday, January 24, 2009

Roses You Gotta Love 'em

In our dry rainless climate this year the roses are literally to die for !!

I know many people simply do not like them because of their thorns, or the fact they are so traditional, or whatever the reason but I must say in our garden they are one of the toughest plants and with a small amount of tlc during the sprin and winter they are really rewarding. If I have a huge property i would have a huge rose garden but as it stands i will settle for a small rose garden so this is it. Acouple of years ago the front garden looked like this :
now despite water restrictions, droughts, and some rain followed by a deluge of weeds it looks something like this :
So I really can't complain over the last two years they have proven how tough they really can be. They look fabulous and the flowers are gorgeous to cut and bring inside and make wonderful presents when visiting friends. The climbing roses too are doing really well. I think some of my favs are the variagated roses, like Abracadabra and Monet pictured at right and i also love gorgeous old fashioned roses both the singles and doubles.
Pictured are some of our collectionIncluding the Pierre de Ronsard, pink and red, and Double Delight. Remeber that feed back is great and i love to hear from those of you who like to read my blog. So any comments are really much appreciated.


  1. I love roses. That Piere de Ronsard looks superb. I often scroll down to look at the pic by your front door. Beautiful.

    PS, A gite is an old French term for self catering accommodation in the countryside.

  2. Unfortunately the heat has started to set in so I will have to treat them with a little tlc.


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