Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finally I Concede..... I Need Help!

Finally I concede my garden is in dire straights. This is a picture about 6 months ago. Now Alas it is covered with weeds and two of my trees have died!
So I have decided to get some help, an able bodied certificate 3 student from NMIT where i went to school last year. We only have a suburban block but i am the gardener and unfortunately dont really have enough time or energy to get it under control .

So help is on the way. Permaculture is the way to go i think and i'm planning to have lots of winter vegies this year and masses of bulbs in late winter early spring. We will start with the vegie patch and the fruit trees and get a watering system in and work our way around the garden. Its only a suburban block but its a lot and needs some special TLC.
Some colour and cheer is in order this year. Drought or no drought!

However thanks to some great recipes at Rhonda-jeans Down to Earth blog, (see right)
which are really worth checking out I am hoping to save some money by making my own soap, washing detergent and some other household things. It will also mean that our grey water only has chemicals i know about in it so it will be that little bit more garden friendly. Many thanks to Rhonda-jean!

More tomorrow night .

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