Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fruit trees and Bulbs

Its getting to that time in Melbourne when we need to start to consider fruit trees we might want to get this year, and also bulbs for Spring flowering. Its quite a while until the bare rooted trees are going to be around but if you're like me and want to have some more fruit in your garden then now's the time to do your homework.

So far in our garden we have 2 Feijoa's, a plum, 2 avocadoes (both struggling a bit) a very happy multi grafted apricot, a plum ...of some sort.!!!! and 2 apples. Oh and a very large and happy olive tree. We also have about 5 banana trees which havn't fruited yet but look wonderful up the back rustling in the wind.
Here in Melbourne we have the advantage of definite seasons...except for the rain. We can have 4 seasons in one day, so much so that split wrote a song about it which could easily be our state anthem. However I digress!

My point being that bulbs do really well in Melbourne because we have a winter which is chilly without snow, and so bulbs grow happily. Around late June/July, gardens are alive with daffodils and ranunculars and the smell of jonquils is in the air. Definitely worth considering and March is when they come on the market. Every year at our place i buy a whole lot of ranunculars and pretty much scatter them around the front garden. The colour is wonderful and its very satisfying watching them sprout from the soil.

So to all my readers up there in the cold northern hemisphere. Don't despair spring will soon be where you are, and you can enjoy the wonderful colours!


  1. Always enjoy contact with Australian gardeners, I'll return often, Cheers, Alice

  2. You're most welcome!! Feel free to comment anytime too!


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