Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Japanese gardens in a Dry climate.

Recently it seems gardens with a particular theme are becoming more and more popular. Japanese gardens are tranquil with a bit of a meditative edge to them, inspiring relaxation and peace. A vision of beauty with the sound of bird calls and running water in the background.

Here in Australia we are up for a challenge with our dry climate however we can still have the desired effect using plants which are suited to our climate. Many Australian and South African and indeed Chinese plants will fit the bill and while the sound of running water is very tranquil it can be acheived using very little water or indeed just a dry creek bed with tumbled glass could inspire a similar visual effect.

Here in Melbourne at our own Melbourne Zoo we have a Japanese garden, and as the pictures in my previous post show the Frankston Secondary School has created a beautiful Japanese garden too. We can use traditional Japanese plants and some more resilient Australianand South American plants including, Acer palmatum ....not so Australian, Jacaranda some of our wattles have a similar growth pattern. Instead of the usual azaleas which are pruned ,into these wonderful mounds, perhaps Correa reflexa could be used,orAcacia cognata lime mist or green mistcould be used. Largestroemia is a beautiful plant which would happily fit into a Japanese inspried garden. Amongst many others . Australian and heat tolerant plants which would be ideal include, Crepe Myrtle, Mondo Grass, Dianella, Acacia Cognata, Correa reflexa, some of the Azaleas, Camellia sasanqua, Myoporum parvifolium, and Lorapetalum chinense. All plants which could be used in a Japanese Garden.


  1. Interesting. Using non-japanese plants you can creat a japanese garden. Very smart. Thanks!


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