Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mulch is good but Ground covers are better.

This is one of my favourite plants. Myoporum parvifolium. A lovely ground cover which is also a fire retardant.

It makes a great lawn substitute for areas which don't have lots of traffic and flowers pretty much all summer long. It comes in white with purple spots or shades of pink . Its tough and pretty. Rather than pretty tough! Also as you'll see from the pics it would look great trailing over rocks or spilling over a retaining wall.
Ground covers are a great alternative to bare soil or mulch with the added benefit of insulating the soil and cooling it down. This little plant has a leaf rather like rosemary, which in its prostrate form is also an excellent ground cover, and smells divine. Being a Mediterranean plant its also very drought tolerant and useful for its flavour its oil, and its cosmetic qualities. A rinse made out of rosemary tea and put through brunette hair will give it a glorious shine.
Pictures are courtesy of ASGAP and Daves Garden.

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  1. Hi Serena

    Absolutely right, ground cover is always preferable to bare soil.

    I like your new header pic by the way.



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