Sunday, February 1, 2009

Relief Finally!!!

Finally the temperature has dropped and we are now sitting at a comfortable 25c inside. Yay!!!

Having checked the Damage this morningI may have to rethink some of my plant choices. Quite a few of our smaller shrubs and less drought tolerant plants have really taken a beating over the last week.

We had a relatively happy tree fern growing in a shady spot and all the fronds on that have just curled up their toes, and the fuschias have also suffered. Hmmmmm maybe I will take them out of the ground and put them in self watering pots .
Anyway we have all survived the 40+ temps so I am reasonably happy about that. Our 12 year old, suffered a reasonable dose of sunburn but he seems to be recovering ok and I dont think he will be quite so careless again. And we still have all our pets so that too is heartening.

However I think in the new year I'll be having a look at more native plants rather than introduced ones. I might replace the tree fern with a Grass tree or Xanthorroea australis . I also will be thinking about planting a lot more trees, if only to help save the planet from such high temperatures.

At the top of todays entry is a pic of a beautiful prostrate Grevillea. In the next couple of days I'll endeavour to write some more about this glorious tough ground cover.

Unfortunately my computer has died so i am a little restricted with my photo options but will perservere.

Any comments or even requests are highly appreciated. Dont be shy if there is something you want to hear about or find in your area let me know!!!!
More ground covers and more canopy trees i say!!

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