Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time to Reflect and Rebuild

Fires blaze in Yarra Glen North East of Melbourne. Areas of our town has been cloaked in smoke for a week now.
(Photo used is courtesy of the ABC website. )

This is my first post for a week now which is rather remiss of me. But my hard drive died and our town was in a state of chaos leaving me feeling at a bit of a loss as to what to write about.

The bush fires have been horrible and too many have suffered as a result. But we are a pretty tight bunch us humans and are pooling together and raising lots of money to help people cope with their losses and rebuild their lives. Last night the moon was red, and today the city was cloaked in smoke, its starting to disperse now but there are still areas at risk and our hearts go out to them. We pray for rain, which strangley in Queensland has been too plentiful. To all those politicians who doubt Global warming is an issue. I think maybe it is guys!

Anyway in an effort to be a little positive, donations to the red cross are going to be needed for some time if you want to donate go to:
and you can contribute. I have decided maybe we in the more fire prone areas of the world need to look at more fire retardant plants and building methods.

So in the weeks to come I'm going to do some research on this and feature some fire retardant plants. If anyone has anything to contribute about this topic please do not hesitate. In an effort to bring some beauty and green into our lives ..........................

A picture taken in the Dandenongs last winter. Tranquil, beautiful, and very much Victoria.

Your comments and thoughts are more than welcome!


  1. The pictures are stunning and say a lot. I am praying for the people and animals and plants. Stay safe.

  2. Hi Serena

    My sentiments remain as I commented before.

    I saw on the news that the police had arrested a 'firebug'.

    Fingers crossed they'll throw the book at him and them some!


  3. I am thinking of you all "down under". All the people who has suffered from fires or floods - it is just impossible for us up here in the north to imagine how it has been (and is) for you.
    Thanks for showing these stunning pictures.
    Best wishes


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