Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deciding what to Plant for Spring.

Its like being in a chocolate shop or a toy store. There is soooooo much choice out there. But i must admit to being very partial to ranunculars. So have decided to settle for a mass of pink, burgundy and white ranunculars between us and our neighbours house and 100 red ones on the other neighbours side. This should bring some sunshine into our garden when the mornings are still a bit chilly.
Who would guess i love warm colours!! But how can i resist they are so soft and warm looking and make a lovely posey too. Great to bring inside.
I am also hoping to get some more bearded Iris this spring, currently I have burgundy and yellow but this spring i would like to bring in some pale yellow to blend in with the darker ones or perhaps some of these but i am not sure what the colour is called.
Daffodils are also lovely but i'm not really a yellow girl, i adore tulips and love the scent of jonquils but this year will stick with these two bulbs. When they flower then i will do another post about them.

Any comments are always welcome, so feel free.


  1. I like your choices, Serena. I should buy some ranunculars and irises for my garden, too!

  2. Sounds lovely.

    The ranunculars should make quite a show.


  3. Ranunculars look like something I would love to grow. Where, though....? This is such a beautiful blog, thank-you!


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