Sunday, March 8, 2009

Recycled Stuff & Cats!

I'm one of those people who hates waste and so is Graham, so we try not to throw much stuff out. Inevitable we end up with a lot of junk, in fact we have a huge shed which is pretty much full of c**p if you get my jist.

However keeping old junk can pay off. Take these tins for instance. We buy our olive oil in large 5-10 litre tins and when we have finished I wash them out drill a couple of holes in them and bingo. A beautiful new container to pretty up the straw box on the deck. We keep the straw for the chooks inside the box, although i think there is a very happy little mouse living in there too.

Next to that is the old 40 gallon drum which i picked up for a song at the local recycle builders yard, that holds the chook food.

Out the back i have an old concrete pond that a friend of mine has let me have, which i'm going to mosaic....... but am loath to do it until i have put it in its final resting place- if its heavy now but the time the mosaic is finished it will weigh a tonne!!

I thought something with a black cat on a blue background would be pretty. And might keep the dogs amused.!!! Here is my model, Chibby she is our beautiful Burmese cross moggy we have another moggy - Gina she is an elderly cat who only comes inside at night time.

Chibby on the other hand spends most of her life inside on someones bed, or getting a daily dose of exercise racing around the house jumping over everything in her way. Here she is unusually placid and her appearance could allow you to slide into a state of confidence. But dont be fooled. She's not called Chibby Ninja for nothing!!! However she is a gorgeous cat and we love her. She on the other hand does not like Bruce (our Border Collie), check the look of disdain on her face when she spies Bruce outside chewing on a bone!


  1. Hi Serena

    I think the 'pots' look great.

    Cute kittys,I've got three cats, Harold, Hector and Horace. All the H's.

    What are the flowers in the new header pic?

  2. Thanks Rob the flowers in the new header are a native violet. Called Viola hederacea I am going to write them up in my next post. cheers.


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