Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Garden Shows on the Telly

There's a great new show on the TV at the moment about Gardens around the world.
So far I've watched two of them and have come away with some real inspiration. Surprisingly the second week it was about Australian and New Zealand gardens which was a pleasant surprise. While the first week was about Gardens in Mexico and South America.

Now I want to do all sorts of things and I can hear howls of objection just thinking about it. My "thing" at the moment is about colour and texture. We have a brick wall which I want to put wire on for a grape vine but after seeing the Mexican gardens I have a real desire to paint it cobalt or magenta! Luckily its way up the back of the garden behind the garage, but i do think the grape vine and banana trees would look wonderful against a cobalt wall!

Something like this.....I wish Anyway I suppose my point is that green against an bright colourful backdrop is simply divine. Here is a pic of the wall now. Give me a couple of months and i'll take another pic. What do you think cobalt or pink!

Let me know I love feedback!!!


  1. Hi Serena! I like cobalt more, but it's up to you! Will be waiting for the picture!

  2. Serena, we love to paint our houses over here in outrageous colors. So, I say, go for it. You could try Heliconia instead of bananas. Do you know of any Bunya-bunya trees in Queensland? What kind of eucalyptus is that on your sidebar? It's really nice.

  3. Hi Serena

    Cobalt blue never did any harm to the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech! You would have a similar light intensity so if you're feeling brave go for it.

    That gardening programme, wouldn't be around the world in eighty gardens would it?

  4. I must admit to being partial to Cobalt and the Majorelle gardens in Morrocco are just divine.
    Thats the very show Rob have you seen it? I think its just great, everyone in the house has to be quiet while its on because its soooo cool!
    As for the little Euc in the sidebar....i'm not actually sure which one it is could be Eucalyptus leucoxylon maybe. I really should find out.

  5. Hey
    I think cobaltblue will be a fine backdrop for your plants.
    Nice to see your photos for one who live on the other side of the earth, in Norway. Gardening in complete different conditions.

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