Sunday, April 5, 2009

MIFGS, Easter and School Holidays.

I cant believe i haven't written anything for I think about 2 weeks! Soooo sorry everyone but i have been flat out! Very slack Serena. But over that two weeks I have been designing a garden for someone else, with a bit of a Chinese/Japanese feel to it, going to work which seems to take up most of my time and energy and being a mum etc. So I just havent had time to stop and write any posts.
Next week we are going to have some down time which we are all looking forward to. We are off to Cairns in fair north Queensland. Just to take stock chill out and stop for a while. Sam and I are going to go ballooning while Graham stays in bed and snores his head off and the rest of the time we'll be lazing around the pool and reading and watching the sunrise.

We lost one of our chooks which was rather distressing, but I have decided when i get back from Qld to get a couple of Bantoms to replace her. So that is something to look forward to. Also yesterday I went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show which was wonderful. We saw lots of new ideas and designs and even some new plants. As usual the many of the designs on display were absolutely fabulous and other extremely humbling too. There were many new cultivars on display and some interesting recycling ideas too. Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the show and particularly those students who worked hard and were involved in making the show the success it is. There are some beautiful ideas out there.

Anyway thats all for now I will post some pictures of the show when i get them and most definitely will take pics of our balloon flight next week. Comments are always welcome and I will try to do another post during the week!


  1. I love that table set up on the garden deck. I could see serving a fresh Sushi recipe I saw on Food Network today - check it out at :

    Happy Spring!

  2. Its autumn here but is a happy one as we have rain now!!!!
    will check out your recipe.
    Cheers Bren

  3. Happy Easter, and have a great time ballooning and lazing 'round.
    Great photos in this post too; enjoyed them.


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