Monday, April 27, 2009

We have WWOOFers!!

Greetings to new readers, not so new readers and to our woofers who arrived on Sunday. WWOOF-ers are willing workers on organic farms. And we are lucky to have a delightful couple from France staying with us at the moment.

I am particularly delighted because it means a bit of extra help around the place getting the garden sorted and maybe even the house painted. Yayyyy!! The wall i was writing about in my last post is going to be pink I've decided. Because we have already painted the chook shed and a few other things green so I reckon cobalt just wouldnt go. Whereas pink will, and as you probably have gathered ...I'm a bit of a pink fan.
Ok so i've gone a bit overboard but you have to admit they do look kind of funky and refuse to go unnoticed!
I will post more pictures of my wwoofers and their handiwork as the week unfolds so stay tuned.
Also for those in the Melbourne area I have a friend in Riddells Creek opening her garden to help raise money for Cambodian kids and their families over Mothers' Day weekend. Details to be announced, so please go along for a look.

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  1. Love those pictures. Congrats on the wwoofers (if you have any extras - put a stamp on them and send them my way).


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