Sunday, May 31, 2009

Limonium perezii - Sea Lavender

This is Limonium perezii or Sea Lavender it's a beautiful, tough and drought tolerant plant. The leaves are large and undulating with a bronzey edge to them and the flowers are a gorgeous purple and white. Being a Statice of types they are papery and long lasting. There is an interesting contrast between the bronze edges and the bright limey but waxy leaves. Its a stunning flower and a stunning plant.
The blue calix of the flower stays long after the tiny white corolla has gone.This sub-shrub is a low growing plant with short stems and has large rounded dull green leaves. The deep lavender blue papery flowers occur on a branched stem bloom during spring through to summer depending on the the climate. It is an excellent flower for cutting or drying, making a gorgeous display when planted en-mass.

Originally from the Canary Islands Limonium will do well in an open sunny position with well draining but fertile sandy soils. It has low water requirements once established and will provide a tough but very pretty border plant, in rockeries or small gardens and also will do quite well in containers or window boxes or roof gardens.

A lovely and interesting plant for warmer areas, blue gardens, cottage gardensor even Xerophyte gardens alongside succulents and cacti. Keep an eye out for this one.Remember comments, feed back and suggestions are always welcome. Catch you soon !!!

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