Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lorapetalum Chinense- Purple Fringe

Lorapetalum is a delightful acid loving shrub with white to magenta coloured flowers in winter through spring.

The foliage are deep purple fading to greenish purple with maturity. This gorgeous native to China makes a delightful addition to any garden particularly those with an oriental theme or in areas where the soil is leaning towards acid. It blends well with azaleas and rhododendrons and makes a great ground cover beneath Crepe Myrtles. It will tolerate a bit of shade and grows to about 2m and 1.5m wide.

It is reasonably tough and drought tolerant too but unfortunately for us .....not exactly dog proof!!!! However I digress. We are in need of some sort of dog proofing around our garden beds in the back yard.

The white version is also very pretty. Remember comments and questions are always welcome.

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