Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day in Riddells Creek

So happy happy mothers' day to all those hard working mum out there.
Yesterday was a beautiful day in Melbourne the weather was fine and sunny and warm. So off we went to Riddells Creek for a ramble amongst the roses in Angella Grahams' beautiful garden to help raise funds for The Cambodian Kids Foundation.

We had Devonshire Tea and a lovely walk through the garden and it was great.

All up about 150 people went through the gates, along with a raffle and some beautiful cushions and toys sold. A total of approximately $2700 was raised however the goal was $3000. All the money will go towards two schools which have been built in Phnom Penh, more raffle tickets are being sold so hopefully that goal will be reached.

If you would like to donate to the Cambodian Kids Foundation just click on the link and read more about them. Meanwhile enjoy some pictures of a beautiful Riddells Creek garden.


  1. Nice Mother's Day outing (and for a good cause too). What's that flower on your header? Eucalyptus?

  2. The flower is from our little Eucalyptus Leucoxylon its the first year that its flowered. Pretty isnt it!

  3. That's a nice Mother's day ! Did you get a new vegie plant from Sam ?!
    We are still on the road to Adelaide, where we should arrive on friday. The whether is not too bad and we have found wonderful spot on the coast.
    I'll try to create the translation option for our blog as soon as we reach Adelaide...

    Kisses to everybody. ;)


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