Sunday, May 17, 2009

Screening trees

We live on a large block and as you can see from this picture we have a pretty bad view from the back door . So in an effort to hide the view i have planted trees along the back fence. The Peppercorn has as you can see really taken off in a big way but two others we planted at the same time died. Due to a combination of the drought and a day with high winds!
Here I have planted another Feijow tree which as yet is still very much a baby, alongside a pinkish coloured Callistemon. The creeper at the back is a Bouganvillea which is a bright magenta colour.

This is another Callistemon which i believe is a burgundy colour??

Screening trees are something i think a lot about. I often think I should have just planted several peppercorns along the fence and now would be looking at them however I have planted Callistemons instead and that was only last year so it will be a while before they catch up. Although they are coming along. Our garden is as you can see a mess. So while i may write about a lot of different plants I still have a long way to go before stepping out the back door into a lush garden of Eden!

We do have, believe it or not, many trees planted up there. But they are only babies at the moment and need more time to grow.
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  1. Hi serena, nice to meet a fellow melb. blogger. Check your messages on your blotanical plot, you have lots. I think screening is so important, it's like a picture frame. I find pittosporums hardy, relatively quick and useful.If they get wispy I cut off their tops and usually they thicken up. But of course they're not native, and don't attract birds like other screen trees. And there are heaps of them Do you know Kuranga nursery? Cheers, catmint


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