Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tanks, Recession and work

I must admit to working in an area which i really am not that interested in! At the moment my full time work is with a firm of architects, and i would much rather be outside pruning roses or planting something.

However in these turbulent economic times we need to take what we can get and keep our eyes peeled forwork in what we really love.
Having said that i am earning a good wage and this means i am able to indulge myself and my family a bit and get some things done around the place. Things which cost but will help us be more sustainable and less reliant on commercial products.
Soon i am hoping to purchase a tank and get it hooked up to the house so we no longer need rely on mains water to water the veggie garden. At the moment most of the garden is kept alive by grey water. However this isnt suitable for the veggies and herbs so they need to be watered of the mains, here in Melbourne we are only able to do this twice a week, from 6-8am on two days of the week. In the middle of winter that can be pretty chilly. But the fact remains that most of the time we dont get enough rain to sustain the garden on a regular basis. So tanks will help store water when it does rain.

Now all i need to do is decide what sort of tank i can afford and is suitable for our garden and needs. Like going shopping really!!!!! The photos I have posted here are an indication of types of tanks available, and are provided courtesy of Sustainable Gardening Australia.


  1. Here in the Gulf Coast of the US we see an abundance of rain. Our city Mobile Alabama is the rainest city in the US.

    How often does it rain and does it rain much at one time? What is grey water? Becca

  2. I will gladly swap jobs with you, I am an interior designer and cannot find a job with an architectural firm! It is very aggrivating! It would be nice to garden all day...very nice! Those tanks are pretty neat. Good idea

  3. Hi Becca, thanks for your query. Here in Melbourne when we talk about rain its definitely not an abundance. We have been in drought now for some 8 years and probably get a sprinkling of rain or maybe the odd drizzly day about once every couple of months. We had a week of heavy rain before Christmas then nothing at all for some months and as you probably guessed a very hot summer before some more rain in March.
    Grey water is water from showers, bath and laundry, which can be redirected onto the garden and lawn.We need to be careful to use only those washing liquid without phosphorous and this water is not suitable for Veggie or herb gardens. Without our grey water diversion our garden would most certainly have died.


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