Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lamiaceae family-Many things herbal and perfumed

Here in our parched land the Mediterranean plants are considered very useful as they are pretty, tough and often useful in cooking and for herbal remedies.

A large quantity of plants which come under that heading come from the Lamiaceae family.
Lavenders, Basil, the Sages, Catmint and Rosemaries are all members of that family and the various forms of Plectranthus also. Many members of this family due to the tiny silver hairs all over them are drought tolerant and enjoy long hours of sunshine. One particular member of this family which will tolerate shade and dryness is plectranthus.

There are many varieties of Plectranthus including P. argentus (Pictured top) P. australis shown here which is a rich green plant which makes an excellent hanging basket plant. The common name is Swedish Ivy. But it is a much prettier plant than common old ivy.

This variety is P. ciliatus which is a common form and makes a tough ground cover in dry but shady areas of the garden.

Plectranthus is a good tough ground cover in its various forms can be somewhat weedie depending on your location. Originally from South Africa it makes a lovely spillover, or understorey plant and is ideal for rockeries, balconies and hanging baskets. It is also bee attracting when flowering. It does like moderate watering particularly during dry periods. But is an easy plant to grow and will reward you with well into the future. More Lamiaceae plants tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Serena! I knew nothing about Swedish Ivy till now. I like it and might try in the pot. You gave very good info, thanks! I like the images, especially the first: the leaves have such pretty texture!


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