Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Layout

This isnt really to do with gardening but more to do with blogging. But've got to have some fun with your blog. And I've only recently discovered some really neat blog backgrounds at The Background Fairy. As i'm not really a fairy sort of girl I've chosen this background and i think it looks pretty cool!

Let me know what you think?

Meanwhile here's a few more pics.


  1. Good morning. I like your new background. I changed mine this morning too. Love the pretty hanging over your pond.

  2. Thanks Becca, sadly its not our pond but a picture I took down at the local creek. So its everyones pond!! Anyway i am presuming your talking about the Eucalypt it is lovely isnt it. Our border collie swims in this creek regularly.

  3. Is that a Spider Lily. Looks really tropical.

  4. I believe it is yes. I took the picture in Cairns which is in tropical far northern Queensland. Far being the operative word!


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