Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Winter Garden

The front garden at the moment with the sleeping standard roses and baby lavenders.

View from our front garden across to the park and tennis courts.
At the moment the gardens are all dormant unless you have a garden full of natives. I am trying desperately to plant fruit trees before they start to flower in an effort to have a multitude of fruits in the summer.
I have a bit more time at home now and as a result should be able to be more self sufficient and hopefully will be able to provide us with more homemade produce. I tried my hand at home made soap yesterday.....not exactly successful i think but we will see how it turns out.

Fig and avocado trees. The fig is the stick but the avocado has leaves, this was grown from a seed which i got out of one of the avocados my neightbour gave us.

However last week I bought a fig tree, a nectarine and have just planted another avocado. I wouldnt mind having a plum or two and a Black persimmon, black Sapote or as it is rather whimsically called Chocolate pudding tree, and just to totally confuse you the botanical name is Diospyros digyna. I will write more about this delightful tree later in the week.

Have decided to fill the back garden with produce plants so even if the economy crisis goes on and on we will definitely not go hungry. I am also hopeing to get some new chooks in the next couple of months too. So we will have eggs galor and plenty of chook poo for the plants.

I have posted a couple of pics of our garden at the moment. Its a mess as usual but now I'm at home more hopefully I'll get some more work done. We have done a lot here since we arrived 4 years ago, but there is much more to be done. including putting the walls back on the garage.

Anyway this is my garden journal so you will see what happens in the future remember comments and feedback are always welcome and inspirational !!


  1. Hi,
    Saw your post over on Rhonda Jean's blog.
    I have a suggestion for your soap.
    Instead of throwing it away,how about putting it into little net bags and using it that way.
    YOu won't be wasting it and may have a bit more scrubbing power.
    God bless,

  2. Thanks for that Helen, I realised that her recipe said rain water...I used tap water and i think that may be my problem! Anyway i will try another batch, I may use this lot for cleaning products.


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