Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting back on Track

Pink wall painted by Cecile and Matt!

Hi everyone I have been away from the blog for a month or so now doing many new things. I stopped working full time and now have a part time job working in a local nursery. This will give me a chance to grow and develop my landscaping business and concentrate also on my garden and family.

No longer sitting in traffic for 2 hours a day is a big relief I can tell you.

Since I finished working full time a few things have happened. We have brand new curtains in our house which I must say look really nice and give it a complete feeling. We also have a couple from France staying with us who are WWOOFing their way around Australia. They are painting the house, and also painted my pink wall!! very pink!! As you can see from the picture here. I think the chickens are impressed! The intention is to put some wire on the wall and grow a grape vine on the wire. So in autumn when the vine turns!!! Watch out. I'm sure the neighbours up the back are horrified but it will give them something to look at when they stand on their balcony looking into our back yard!

I have also uploaded a few pics of our orchids and beautiful beautiful magnolia which is in full flight at the moment. Ahhhh spring is nearly here!

As always feedback and comments are more than welcome.

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  1. Hi Serena !!!
    What a nice wall you have now. Great job from Cecile et Mathieu.
    With the plants in front of it, it's just magnificient.
    Delphine and Ludo


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