Friday, August 28, 2009

Looking forward to Spring and Summer

I've been reading about the goings on in gardens across the US and must admit I'm getting a little bored with winter and am looking forward to the warmer weather.

While I have been pretty busy in the garden and have planted several new fruit trees and planted quite a few veggies etc, now I am impatient to see them grow and flourish. So I can reap the benefits. I have grown cauliflowers and broccolli over winter but have been sadly disappointed I did all the right things i think, i watered and fed them, weeded and tended them and have a huge crop of .......leaves. But alas no caulis, or broccollis'. My Bok choi was great .

Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated.

The Ranuncullis' have stared flowering which is a definite sign that spring is on its way and the days are getting sunnier and very windy too. Our French friends have been painting away and now the house is a sunny yellow with a green trim it looks a lot cheerier than before. Its amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint makes.

Roll on spring. As usual comments and feed back are greatly appreciated.

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