Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cloud Hill and further.

Kookaburras laughing at us at Cloud Hill

Pretty fountains

Beauty was never so sublime!

Its been quite some time since I wrote in my blog. I have been busy developing my landscape design business and working for clients!! Yay.

I have managed to do quite a bit and in fact had a day off last weekend to go up into the hills east of Melbourne. It was both beautiful and sad. Spring has arrived to our hills and the blossoms are out the bulb festivals are on and everything is growing. Even the forests which were so badly burnt on Black Saturday last February.

We made our way to Marysville and had lunch at the bakery there, and bought some beautiful fudge from the now open (once again) sweet shop. The town is coming together very slowly with some, i think, not returning. But the birds are back and the grass is once again green. The camellias are in bloom and there is some hope in the air, and i must say....the pies were as delicious as ever as was the beautiful fudge!

Spring is a wonderful time of year, and to add extra hope we have had some rain!!



  1. Hi Serena! Nice to see you again! I hope your business will be successful! It's nice to see your spring bright images, especially now, when we are slowly falling to fall!

  2. hi Serena! this is so funny, my name is Serena too and i actually have a secret garden - its my webshop the secret garden where me and my mum sell handmade soaps, lip butters, scrubs etc. we could be twins! ^^

    love your magnolia pic with the bird. we have a magnolia tree in our frontyard. not those kind of birds though, we live in Holland and i've never seen one of those here before.

  3. That is a magnificent magnolia. We have them here in the southern US, too, but no kookabooras to laugh, just mockingbirds. I look forward to the return of spring, as we are moving into fall here.

  4. What a beautiful blog..I love the kookaburra in the tree! Lovely photos and wonderful post!

  5. Thanks Kiki I will endeavour to make another post shortly.


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