Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Beginnings.

Well finally i'm back writing a post for my blog. I've been pretty busy over spring and have just completed my first major project as a landscaper, and its come up pretty well. We started with a rather overgrown dusty mess and ended up with lots of mulch but new drought tolerant plants and a brand new drip system. We planted lots of trees to provide shade and lots of colourful ground covers and native grasses. In the back I chose an assortment of shade loveing natives and mediterranean plants, along with some herbs and citrus trees.

The owners wanted something which was drought tolerant....(its going to be a very hot summer here in Melbourne) easy to care for and would survive the Melbourne water restrictions. They also werent interested in mowing the lawn so we got rid of the lawn. Now they have a mainly native garden with Crepe Myrtles and Agonis "After Dark"s' in the front garden, surrounding by yellow wave phormium, red kangaroo paws and some native grasses.We also built them an extra car park by request. Must give credit where its due too, I did have some very hard working willing helpers with my project and they did a great job. So thanks to Marla and Bruce for your help guys.
Everything is very young and new at the moment so weather permitting it should take off over the next few weeks, with a bit of tlc and the aide of the drip system. Fingers crossed after a week of 34 degree heat....we will have some rain!
Now I am also going to be planting a few new trees at my place. I've just put in a fig tree and have had a Black Sapote delivered from Qld. Also known as a chocolate pudding tree this member of the Persimmon family has large fleshy fruit, which if eaten when ripe tastes like chocolate pudding, and has more vitamin C than an orange. Sounds good to me!
I'll post a pic of it later in the day.In fact i might do a feature about it!

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