Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Trees!

Christmas is upon us and so is the hot weather, here in Australia, but not in the northern hemisphere. The cicadas and crickets are singing, the flies are buzzing the rellies are on their way and the temperature is climbing. So here is a picture of our christmas tree. Modest though it is it shines brightly at night time, and we had a lot of fun putting it up. Next come the lights outside and presents friends and family then.......the food!!!!!

For all those readers who are in a Christmas frame of mind or just in the mood for celebrating take a pic  of your chrissy tree and send it to me and i'll publish some of them! or just take a christmas photo of where you live and I'll publish that.

Here in Melbourne Aus. The sky is blue the birds are singing and the nights are balmy. We are arking up the barbie and having a few tinnies! 

So join in the fun! And remember comments and feedback are always appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you!

1 comment:

  1. I enlarged the pic.

    Now that's the most aussie santa I've ever seen!


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