Sunday, May 16, 2010

Million Paws Walk

Today we went to Albert Park Lake for the Million Paws Walk. This is a walk which is organised to raise money for the R.S.P.C.A and is held in many locations all over the country. We took our Cairn terrier Polly along and walked 5 kms around Albert Park Lake in Melbourne.  I didn't realise what a popular breed Cairn terriers were but there quite a few there.  We also took Mosato who is  visiting with us from Japan and she had a great time.
I think Polly  is exhausted and has never seen soooooo many dogs in one place. I know I haven't.

It was a gorgeous autumn day and we walked right around the lake with a whole bunch of other dog owners and their best friends. There were big dogs and small dogs, fluffy dogs and smooth dogs and lots of stuff for pooches and their owners.  We got some cup cakes for afternoon tea with paw prints on the top ! Yummmm!!!

After thought!

And by the way the guys from Hound TV were there talking to people and I got to be interviewed! So make sure you watch Hound TV on Channel 31 (in Melbourne) on Wednesday at 7.00pm!! Or check out

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  1. Oh, and you forgot to mention the bit where you got on the telly :-)


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