Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Forget the Grammies, Oscars and Logies, we have the Antenna Awards!

My friends Matt Tynan and Steven Pam are famous! Well maybe not like Steven Spielberg  but definitely working on it because they just won an Antenna Award for their  'outstanding outdoor or recreational program for their TV show Hound TV (the show for dogs and their owners).

Its run on channel 31 here in Melbourne and is  a half hour show about dogs, dog activities, dog breeds, dog services, and all things canine. Matt Tynan is the cameraman and behind the scenes technical & ideas dude and Steven Pam is the presenter marketting and ideas dude, (as I understand it)

How absolutely great is that. Here is a pic of them with their  award ! Here they are  that's Steven Pam  on the left & Matt Tynan (holding the award) with one of their guest presenters' Sidney the dog trainer..

It's a very informative show with lots of hints about how to make dog ownership a fun experience, from choosing the right breed of dog, to dog rescue, discipline and recreation. I recommend you have a look. They started out as a podcast and now are showing on Chanel 31 in Melbourne on  Wednesday night at 7.00pm and in most capital cities around the country on community television. Here is a link to their website.  

The're also looking for sponsors ........

Remember comments and feed back are really good to have!!!!

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  1. Oh, and you forgot to mention that both of your dogs and most of your family have been on the show at one time or another... so you're all famous too :-)
    Thanks for the plug!


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