Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is our Luffa vine which i realize now I planted a little bit late however I have managed to harvest 3 reasonably large Luffa's from it  I never know where they came from until i was reading about them on Rhonda Hertzels' Down--to--Earth blog. So I got some seeds and grew my own. About mid Autumn the vine started to look a bit wilty so I decided it must be time to harvest so I removed the luffa's and put them aside to dry.

Luffa's are related to Gourds and have lovely yellow flowers. You can in fact eat them but am not sure if i would be keen when they are so great to use in the shower and also make good pot scrubbers.

Well a couple of weeks ago I set about removing the sponge from the luffa. I topped and tailed them and pealed the skin away to find the fibrous spongey section underneath. Then i washed them clean and realized the best way to get the numerous seeds out would be to bang the sponge against the side of the laundry troph. There were a lot of seeds!

Then i was left with the sponges which were a little bit squishy and wet so I put them in a hanging basket and hung them to dry in the sun.
The ends were a little bit mildewy so i put them in a bath of bleach and water and soaked them for about an hour and ......

tada............hey presto

Our new luffa !

I've done a bit of reading about them and have since discovered they should be planted in about mid -spring and the luffa's allowed to dry on the vine.  I picked mine when they were still green as winter was fast approaching and they weren't looking like they were going to dry on vine. Next year I will plant them a little earlier about the same time as pumpkins and zucchinis.

If anyone in Victoria, NSW, or SA  would like some seeds I am happy to send them to you . Please  email me if you would like some and leave your mailing address. I'll put them in the mail.

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  1. I didn't know how they grew! Thanks for the info. I will be planting some next sping :-)

  2. I'm just going to plant mine now in the greenhouse and transfer them out in September. I just stumbled across this blog while googling luffas and glad I found you, this blog looks right up my alley. Cheers!
    Emma from South WA

  3. thanks for the comment I may follow your lead!

  4. PS my email is candiharris11@aol.com thanks for any help:)

  5. gr8 blog..do u still have any seeds left? i live in melb

  6. Yes I do have a few seeds left If you send your postal address by email I will put some in the mail for you.


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