Thursday, July 1, 2010

Putting my Best Foot forward?

OK so everyone has their odd days but this took me by surprise. I think it means something but I'm not sure quite what??? Today I got up a little later than normal because its school holidays and the
winter woolies have gotten to me a little bit. it was lovely and warm inside and freezing cold and windy outside.

Anyway finally we got up and had a nice hot cuppa bit of breaky and got dressed etc. Then off we trotted to buy some lucern and straw for the chookies and do a bit of shopping. All that done we came back about an hour later and got lunch ready. I went up to let the chooks out to run around the garden and for some reason looked down at me feet and this is what i saw............

 I think I need to organise my life more!

I know that Spike Milligan said you should never wear the same socks but .....not so sure about shoes!

Funny thing is both shoes are the same brand and are so comfortable I didn't even notice until i looked.

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