Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas at our place.

Over Christmas we had the pleasure of the company of some girls from Sweden who are working their way around Australia.
Eleanore and Vicki. So our Christmas had a bit of a Scandinavian flavour to it . Right down to the Gingerbread House!!!!
Gingerbread house complete with Donkey and people!
The gingerbread house, along with two tins of gingerbread cookies, was made by Eleanore, Vicki and Sam,
The tradition is to make the gingerbread house before Christmas and then it is demolished or eaten on Christmas eve ( which is when you celebrate Christmas in Europe not Christmas day).
But Eleanore told us that in her family they blew it up with fire crackers. Here in Melbourne you cant buy fire crackers without a license so Sam and his friend Lachie set about making there own fire cracker out of sparklers and some other stuff and we decided that New Year would be a good time to demolish the little house.

Anway I digress, We had a lovely Christmas day with Ham, prawns vegies  and salad and our friends Matt and Cecile,  with us. Then we had a chocolate fountain which lasted for much of the afternoon. It was a lot of fun and a lovely day. I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas too.

Oh and by the way this is what the Gingerbread house looked liked after the demolition people had been!
It didn't really go boom but kind of melted!
Graham, our friend Cecile, Sam and our friend Matt.
From left to right that's me Vicki, Eleanore and Cecile.
Eleanore & Viki busy making gingerbread.Well kind of!!!
Cecile and Sam.

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