Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Chook Shed

The old chook shed.
As I mentioned earlier in the week we now have a brand new chook shed which Graham has been working on the last couple of weeks.
The new improved chook shed!!!

It seems to have the chickens seal of approval as one of them laid an egg today in one of the brand new nesting boxes after months on having none. Hopefully there will be more to come.

Graham ...after careful consideration, research and design has put together what can only be considered the Hen Hyatt of Preston .

Here are the pics:
The back door with plastic strips to keep out the sparrows

Putting it together on the deck

 First of all he put it all together on the deck then moved it up the back laid a concrete slab and rebuilt it .

Nesting boxes

Nice and cozy

Somewhere to perch at night time.


  1. Definitely 5 star accomodation. Lucky ladies.

  2. Very nice, I especially like the sparrow "Keep out" area! take care - Yollie

  3. Looks really great - don't you just love how clean and shiny chicken coops are before the girls get in and make it all 'homely'?
    Love what you've got going here, will be following your adventures,

  4. You're right about them making it homely its only taken them a week!! but they seem to like it! Although still haven't quite got the hang of the sparrow curtain!

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi there,
    how goes the sparrow curtain? Does it work and do the chooks know how to use it?
    I have trouble with Indain Miners and those pesky introduced doves. Have tried streamers like the ones we used to hang at the back door of the house to keep out flies. Chooks don't mind them but the others don't mind them either, so waste of time there.

  6. Hi Dayla Thanks for your kind comments! The sparrow curtain is ok but we had to cut a few off as the chickies would come outof the chookshed but at night time wouldnt go back inside! ....their not the smartest creatures. But I am going to persevere and will eventually come up with a solution to keep the wild birds out.
    cheers Serena.


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