Friday, June 17, 2011

Drought Stricken No more.

A bush dance at the evacuation centre

Tree tops above the flood waters

Some of my fellow relief workers

As everyone in the whole wide world is probably aware, earlier this year Australia particularly Queensland had more than its fair share of rain.
Queensland and Victoria have just made up for years of drought in a few months, and some areas are worse for ware as a result unfortunately. In Qld tropical cycloneTracy had come inland which is unusual , and caused absolute mayhem in many rural and major towns.
As a volunteer for Red Cross I was asked to go to Qld and help out for a week, after New Year. I set of with 20 other volunteers to Brisbane. When we arrived there we met up with some other volunteers from Tasmania and Qld and were briefed about what it was we'd be doing and where we'd be going.

Rockhampton, which was one of the first areas to be hit by torrents of rain,  was surrounded by water to the South so we flew to Mackay and then were taken by bus to Rockhampton. The weather was beautiful sunny Qld weather it was hard to believe they had had so much rain.
 Here are some pics for you to see, we worked in the Evacuation centre there were people from all walks of life were living their lives until there homes dried out and they could return home, or the roads had cleared and they could get to their homes.

Some people had just gone to work on the wrong day and the flood waters had risen and they couldnt get home. Others had packed up their kids and pets and taken what they could and evacuated as their properties were inundated.

I know its rather after the fact and since the floods we've had earthquakes in NZ and Japan and all sorts of natural disasters, but i think its important to remember that people are still affected by what has happened months or indeed years ago and our support for them is still important.

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