Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Winter and the garden

For me, winter in the garden is the time when changes are made and work gets done. This year after all the rain everything has grown like mad and the garden is surely growing at a rate of knots. This is only our 6th year here, and nearly all the trees in the garden were planted since we arrived. But, i must admit to being a little over enthusiastic in places. So over winter we are making a few changes.

This huge old olive tree is now gone , much as we did enjoy it it began to take over the garden and put everything in shade. Also being an olive tree it was very good at sucking all the moisture out of the soil and stopping anything from growing beneath it.  Now it is gone and we have a large space and heaps of light in the back yard. We have more large trees growing  up the back for the birds and to provide us with privacy, and will replace it with a couple of smaller more manageable fruit trees.

Graham has replace the ricketty old fence behind it with a reall wooden one which will soon be painted green like all the rest, and over the next couple of weeks the garden will undergo a small transformation. Winter is definitely a season of change in our garden. This also means we have somewhere to plant smaller plants in the back garden and even some bulbs. The only issue now is that we need to get the stump removed before it re-sproits as this isn't the first time it has been cut down. Anyway we now have a brand new fence so the chickens can run around in the top garden and we also have a brand new chook house which I will write about in a future post as that is a story all to itself.


  1. Sounds like a busy time there! I wouldn't miss the olive tree since they give my sinuses so much grief. I look forward to hearing about the new 'chook house'!

  2. I think that is a nice garden. Hope to see more flowering plants soon. :)

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