Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter in the garden

 Once again Winter is here and the garden has gone to sleep. There are buds on the Magnolia though and the bulbs are pushing their shoots through the soil in their pots. 

This winter has been very wet and when the sun does return we will have weeds galore. However while the garden is sleeping their is work to be done. Now we have the new chook shed installed and the girls have given it the seal of approval, over the next few weeks will be removing the old stump of the olive tree and shifting a couple of smaller fruit trees in its place. 

In front of them i may plant some bearded irises and  move some of the roses out of the front garden as they are no longer getting as much sun as they need.All with my gumboots on mind you because the ground is very soggy out there and our summer kikuyu grass has all but disappeared. I may do something about that too.


  1. I am glad you still manage your garden well.

  2. So glad that the chooks like their new abode! This always helps to keep the peace ;O)


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