Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Neighbours Garden.

Today's post is about my friend Josie's garden which is in the heart of Melbourne's northern suburbs.
Originally from South Australia Josie and her family moved into their home about 13 years ago when the kids were still little.  Its a typical Victorian style, Melbourne weatherboard cottage and over the years Josie and her partner Andrew have landscaped and adapted the garden to suite their family and lifestyle.
The back garden is a place to relax and enjoy a bbq with friends and family .

Josie likes to do quite a lot of entertaining so a comfortable and attractive back garden with a place to sit and have a meal and even more importantly cook on the bbq, was essential to them.
Although the garden is quite small they have found places to plant herbs and even a couple of citrus trees, and have a small veggie patch. 

This small garden bed is actually an extension of the driveway which used to lead to the garage. However this was considered a wast of space so Josie made good use of the area to plant some small trees and an area which is great for bulbs and annuals. At this time of year the area is perfect for Snowdrops, while the Silver Birchs take a well earned rest from Melbourne's warmer weather.
In the back ground you can see the huge Monstero deliciosa which was abandoned by an old flat mate of Andrews and years later,  after living in a pot for ages, Josie planted it  in the garden in this south facing shady area. The position obviously suites it well.

A kick back from the seventies the Monstero deliciosa has both flowers and fruit!

Who says tropical plants don't grow in Melbourne!

The peppercorn tree is a feature in the back garden, Josie planted this when they first moved in and it has thrived

Further down the back of the garden the peppercorn tree provides shade from the hot afternoon sun in the summer and a bit of seclusion if you need it. Its a nice spot to sit on a warm evening and escape!
A secluded seat after a long day!

A small birdbath for thirsty birds
In the front garden the pathway is framed on either side by two areas of paving with a standard cherry on one side and a Jacaranda on the other, giving a leafy welcome in the summer and adding symmetry to an A-symmetrical entrance.
Circular paving around the Weeping Cherry

The front verandah and entrance way
A beautiful  Pierre de Ronsard Rose climbs around the verandah with its gentle pink blooms giving the garden a very feminine feel when it flowers .

So thats my neighbours garden for this week,  it  is a pretty, low maintenance, cottage style garden, which suites both the climate and the property. I hope you enjoyed it , and please remember feed back is always welcome!


  1. Beautiful garden, Josie and Andrew have done a wonderful job!!!! Thanks for sharing ;o) And I live in Adelaide - so your neighbour could have been my old neighbour - such a small world!

  2. Really sweet garden and house. I would love to have a peppercorn tree! I grew up in Shepparton where there are lots of peppercorn trees.


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