Friday, August 12, 2011

The Dogs Walk

 Every Sunday Graham and Bruce, our Border Collie set out for a walk down at the creek, its a bit of time out they get to have together, Bruce has a swim and Graham gets some exercise hitting the tennis ball. Now and then Polly and I join them, and last Sunday was one of those times.

 Both Graham and Bruce are bigger than Polly and I so sometimes we struggle to keep up!

 Although the creek is only about half a kilometre from our place its a world away from the hustle and bustle of suburbia. There is tall grass and birds of all sorts, we have seen Blue tongue lizards in summer time, and  there are snakes down there in the summer time. So long pants and proper shoes are a must. This time of year its just wet and green but the dogs love it and Bruce still goes in for a dip. Although last Sunday he wasnt so keen as it was pretty chilly.

 During the drought the creek was all but dried up but now is flowing beautifully.
Polly sniffing and old shoe
 Over the years the land around here had been overgrown by weeds and blackberries, but recently the Friends of Edgars creek have come down and planted native grasses and some shrubs and the native flora and indeed fauna is returning. There are still many weeds and blackberries to go but slowly slowly it is coming together.

 The walk we take is about an hour and a half long and the dogs and us are usually ready for a cuppa when we're finished! A bit of R& R on the weekends, I'm looking forward to this Sunday already!

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  1. Dear Serena, what a lovely walk. I really enjoyed it, except I don't think it will count as exercise the way I accompanied you! we are so lucky to live in Melb. We live near Gardiners Creek and a long time ago I wrote a bit about it. I love creeks and Australian flora and fauna. cheers, cm


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