Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fruit trees and ground covers.

This was our back garden two years ago.

This is the same spot now.
"What, are they crazy !" I hear you say!!
Well probably. But sadly the fence along this side of the property was falling over so we had to do something about it and in the process did a bit of rearranging. 

Now we have our new fence up  and we have taken out the olive tree we have a new area of garden all ready for planting out . So I have moved 3 fruit trees across there and I can play to my hearts contect in this new garden bed!!!! I'm a bit like a kid in a toy store.

I had some Iris  bulbs waiting to go in so have planted them along the internal fence and have transplanted some rose cuttings I took when I pruned the roses. There was also some plectranthus cuttings which I have placed along the back of the garden bed behind the fruit trees. Hopefully they will grow like made and provide a lovely green ground cover. Anyway we are one step closer to getting rid of the mud !
Now all you plants ......grow!

The weather today was so beautiful, a balmy 20degrees! So i decided to move a few things around. and fill that space. When all the plants have grown a bit it will look good I think. I decided to plant some succulents I had in pots into the ground and am hoping they will survive the dogs! Hence all the stakes around the plants, these are in the hope that Bruce, our border collie won't stomp on them while they get established.

Here I have created a bit of a rust theme. The stair banister is from the our old front entrance before we had the driveway done, and goes quite nicely I think, with the rusty bits of iron which i have had lying around the garden in the front, but I think they look much better here.
So here are some of the plants I have transplanted to this new area. 
Echivera albicans which has a very pretty pink flower in the spring

Cuppressus macrocarpa which will spread about two metres or 6 feet

Echeveria .....

The girls are impressed

Close up of the  Echeveria albicans

another echeveria not sure what its called though

Ceanothus papillosus which I'm hopeing will have beautiful blue flowers all over it next year.

And last but not least the Hardenbergia violacea which is creeping over the chook shed, and is planted along the internal fence.

So this is our new garden bed. Now all i need is a couple of bales of pea straw to give it a finished look.
Hope you like it, please feel free to comment.


  1. Hi Serena, hasn't it been warm the last few days? I love the way you pulled everything out boldly to start again. I do that and regard it as the essence of gardening but some people find it upsetting. Happy growing! cheers,catmint

  2. Hi Catmint, I know what you mean I am a little sceptical about all that dirt, but keep telling myself when i get some pea straw and we have more of this gorgeous sunshine it will all come together.
    I had to put the stakes in around the trees to protect them from the dogs!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. It's a pleasure Serena - thanks for writing!

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