Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Melbourne Uni Open Day

The Sandstone University

Here in Melbourne it seems Spring is well on its way!
Today and yesterday have been glorious warm winters day and the sun actually has warmth in it!!!! Hooray!
One of many courtyards

So on Sunday we ventured out to Melbourne Uni for the open day. Melbourne uni has some wonderful old buildings and great gardens as well, not to mention that they are a great place to complete your education!
One of the many archways

The day was informative and the weather was just to die for . I would recommend Melbourne uni to anyone visiting Melbourne just to have a look at what we have here. Known as one of the Sandstone Universities, there is a lot of history in the Architecture which ranges from the 1850's to the present day, including the wonderful sandstone buildings of the Law faculty to new state of the art Commerce building .

Outside the law school
Melbourne University founded in 1853 it ranks amongst the most highly regarded unijversities in the world, and is top of the list in Australia, particularly in the fields of biology and health sciences. For visitors to Melbourne a wander around the campus is highly recommended, many of the buildings feature beautiful old architecture and some interesting modern architecture.

Trinity College Chapel

Newman College Chapel

The South Lawn

A shady spot for a quiet read

 The other gorgeous thing about the campus is of course the gardens! There is a "walk" around Melbourne Uni and a downloadable guide which you can find here  http://www.free-things-to-do-melbourne.com/  so if your coming to Melbourne or you live in Melbourne and would just like to check it out. Go for it . I guarantee it'll be worth it.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed this little post, and remember ....comments are more than welcome!

The gorgeous fernery

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  1. Dear Serena, whenever I am there I always appreciate the garden of the uni. I remember it when it wasn't so crowded with buildings but it's still a lovely environment.

    Yes, the weather is getting warm - I'm scared though that it will go back to drought and too much heat!

    cheers, catmint


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