Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Pictures

At the moment the back garden is full of mud! The grass we have is a summer grass and unfortunately it all dies off in Winter and the lawn turns to sticky slippery mush! But this year I have vowed to put an end to that and buy some year round grass seed and perhaps plant some native grasses too.

So today I am going to show you some pics of whats flowering at the moment. Must say i got the idea from Cat Mint whose blog is here  who on the 15th posted photos for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. A great idea. I've missed the 15th of August so here are some pics of whats in bloom at the moment! We'll try and pretend the mud isnt there because soon wont be!
Enjoy, and please feel free to comment.

Handsome Euphorbia wolfenii

Pretty Pink Azaleas

Beautiful Narcissus

Viburnum tinus  ( I think) which has the most divine perfume!

Acacia cognata "Lime Magic"

Coral fuschia

Jonquils in a Pot

Tree dahlia in the back garden

The Hardenbergia  growing over the chook shed.

Westringia just coming into flower

Shiny leaved gum vine

Liminium perezii in the veggie patch, which i'm hopeing to split up and spread around the garden in Spring

Sweet smelling jasmine

Our gorgeous magnolia which is resplendant now it has consistant water

Last but never least the burgundy Cymbidiums in a pot.


  1. everything's looking great. I agree about the viburnum. the BEST perfume. I haven't been able to grow it - I tried but it needed more water than it got so ungratefully died.

  2. This one got planted in the middle of the drought and grew up on recycled shower water. It is also in a very shady spot were the ground is kept cool.
    Msybe you could try again.

  3. Love your plants in your garden.. It's about time I get more inspired with my own garden; there is no excuse especially with the moisture in the soil and the lovely weather.


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