Sunday, September 25, 2011

In bloom in our back yard

Its amazing what a difference acouple of weeks makes. Just a bit of sunshine after all this lovely rain we've had and the flowers and all the plants turn their blooms to the sky and  smile at the sun.

Citrus aurantifolia  - Tahitian Lime

Limonium Perezii - Sea Lavender

Pelargoniums - the bees like these

Forget me nots

Lemon blossoms

Lomandra longifolia - Nyalla

The Gorgeous tree dahlia, Which has been flowering since March

Magenta Iceberg rose

Echeveria's in flower

Apple Blossoms - these are Pink Ladies

Pink Chinese Lantern

Telopea speciosissima - White Waratah "

Aphanopetalum resinoceum - Shiny leaved Gum vine

More echeverias


  1. spring is wonderful - your garden's blooms are cool.

  2. Thanks catmint I'm sure your garden is doing much the same too. Spring is cool!

  3. Your garden looks beautiful. These flowers are so amazing.


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