Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Week

New Garden bed ....with a border and a water feature no less!
Tree Dahlia in flower  beneath the sleeping Largerstroemia indica  or Crepe Myrtle

This week has been a nice productive one as Spring is here and its not quite as wet and muddy in the back garden as it has been for some months.
I have managed to get some plants in to our new garden bed underneth the fruit trees, and put down some pea straw in preparation for the warm days ahead which have been missed over winter!

Rick next door generously gave me some bricks he no longer needed so they have made a really great border which gives the garden some definition and you can see where lawn/grass finishes and the garden begins.
After all those years of drought I have chosen this area for fruit trees and underneath have decided to plant succulents. That way the fruit trees get most of the water but we have a decorative and varied ground cover underneath. Around the back I have planted a few shrubs, including a Lorapetalum chinense  or Chinese Fringe Flower and a Ceanothus ground cover.
I've had the Lorapetalum for some time but had put it up the back where the chickens had been scratching around it and it was really struggling. But now it has plenty of room to spread its roots through some lovely organic rich soil and is starting to smile at the sun already. The Ceanothus is something I have admired for a long time and am looking forward to when it  flowers which wont be for some time but I'm happy in the knowledge that I have finally planted one and that is something to look forward to. ....(Small things eh...).
Leptospermum scoparium - Burgundy tea Tree.

This little plant has come into its own now its no longer overshadowed by the giant olive tree.

Transplanted nectarine seems very happy and looks like its gong to give us some fruit this year

Close up of the tree dahlia. This has been flowering relentlessly for months now.
I will top up the pea straw in a couple of weeks and am still deciding what to plant along the fenceline. Any suggestions are always appreciated. I was considering some agapanthus or even some flax. 
I hope your week to come is a happy and fulfilling one and thanks for reading. Please feel free to leave comments,  they inspire me!


  1. Hi Serena, what a productive week you've had. The weather has been great for gardening. Unfortunately I haven't much time to be out in it. Your garden is so excitingly developing. The pond is lovely and I love the reflection of the sky and plants in it. And it definitely helps know where the lawn ends and the garden bed begins. I love the tea tree. I can't envisage your whole garden enough to make suggestions about what to plant along the fence line. Except I always think of the fenceline as a picture frame, and prefer some planting that covers the fence. If you can't see the fence people look at the garden and can't be sure where it ends. Which i think makes it look more interesting. cheers, cm

  2. Thanks Catmint, of course your right about the fence, and that is my goal rather. When the fruit trees and the Crepe Myrtle are covered in foliage and a bit bigger that will definitely fill some space. But i will ponder on your picture frame concept, thanks for reading!


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