Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random pictures

Here are some photos of plants in bloom in the front garden, hope you like them .

Seaside daisies and red freesias .
More seaside daisies....great groundcovers

Black sage

Convulvulus cnoereum - Silverbush

Euphorbia characias

"Double Delight" Rose first bud.

Fuchsia triphylla - Honeysuckle Fuchsia

Rosa banksiae - Banksia rose

Jasminum mesnyii - Primrose Jasmine

Hebe elliptica - Blue Gem Hebe

Michelia figo  -  Port Wine Magnolia with a gorgeous perfume!

Kniphofia uvaria   - Red Hot Pokers

Beautiful sunny yellow daisies ....these are on the nature strip which I am quietly replanting!   

Bluebells in the garden bed we share with next door..... Chris the fruit tree wizard!

Senecio cinneraria - Dusty Miller love this plant!

Pennisetum setaceum - Fountain grass I love this grass, I know its a weed but i just love its shape and form. However it is growing in places where we really  dont want it!

Betula Pendulum - Wheeping Silver Birch flowers

Jasminum polyanthum - Pink Jasmine also a bit of a weed but that perfume.......!!!

and finally those tiny red stars you can see in this picture are the flowers on our Weeping Japanese Maple they are so tiny and delicate but worth a picture i think!

 As for the back garden .......well you'll have to come back tomorrow to see whats in flower there!

Whatever you are doing over the weekend ...enjoy.

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